How to install Turbo C++: Compile and Run a C or C++ Program

First thing you need to understand is that computer (Machine) can only understand Machine language (Stream of 0s and 1s). In order to convert your C program source code to Machine code, you need to compile it. Compiler is the one, which converts source code to Machine code. In simple terms you can understand that a compiler converts human readable code to a machine readable format.

Install Turbo C++

Download link: Download Turbo C++ for Windows

Step 1: Locate the TC.exe file and open it. You will find it at location C:\TC\BIN\.

Step 2: File > New (as shown in above picture) and then write your C program

int main()
       printf("hello World!");
       return 0;

Step 3: Save the program using F2 (OR file > Save), remember the extension should be “.c”. In the below screenshot I have given the name as helloworld.c.

 Step 4: Compile the program using Alt + F9 OR Compile > Compile (as shown in the below screenshot).

Step 5: Press Ctrl + F9 to Run (or select Run > Run in menu bar ) the  C program.

Step 6: Alt+F5 to view the output of the program at the output screen.