Networking Projects

Networking is domain, involved in communication between two computers i.e. PC, mobile, tablet, etc anything which can be assigned an IP address / MAC address.

Here are some hot topics which can be used as an initiation for projects based on networking:

1) You can start with simple LAN of PCs in a lab. FTP based software can be developed to transfer files between the PC's

2) you can go the embedded way, by focusing on Internet of Things.

Here we will assign IP to each and every device or electrical appliance. So you can control & monitor the appliance

3) Network Security, this is a sub-domain which is the most integral and important part of a network. Basically we need to implement various security algorithms, or develop one of your own.

(Additionally, one can include bio-metrics, for adding a security layer.
This included using the fingerprints , retina scanning , voice , etc for as a password for access to the network or a database on a server)

4) A program to identify unused IP address in a network

5) Similarly developing a GUI software that can check the status of each and every Computer connected in a LAN.

6) A virtual remote accessing software, using SSH and FTP.

Basically , just keep one thing in mind, every project includes some or the other inter domain part, for e.g.,  embedded systems along with networking, software development along with networking, etc .

So be prepared to learn other stuff as well. As practically there can't be a project which is focused purely on one domain.