How to run php files using wamp server?

Step 1:

First of all download the Latest WAMP server from here: and install the server.

Step 2:

Run WAMP server by this selection
start->All programs->WAMP server->Start WAMP server.
Now you can see the w icon in system tray.

Step 3: Create PHP file

Let us create our PHP file first.
Open notepad and type the PHP code.
Save the file inside this folder

 Step 4: 

Start the server
Left click on the WAMP icon in system tray.
It will display list of options.
Select “start all services”. 

Step 5: Run

Now all services (especially PHP) is running.
Open the Mozilla and type localhost in address bar.
Hit enter
It will show the default page of WAMP server.
Now include this Testing.PHP (my PHP file name) at the end of the url

For ex:

It will run your PHP file.